Dear Dianne, Fabulous book!! I just finished reading/studying your incomparable book, Ruth. Great indepth study. After having participated in two other studies of Ruth led by well-known Bible teachers, I found your study to be the true, indepth, wonderful revelation of God. Thank you for allowing our Lord to lead you into this study, revealing the meaningful depths–the real meaning of this book and the characters; and then sharing with others. This has truly been the highest point of my studies in the Scriptures for a long time. Thank you again and may the Lord continue to bless you. Do you have another study, another book that He is leading you into? I will keep watching your website and hoping to see another study!! I love you and appreciate you.

Awaiting His Shout,
Jody Gould
Tulia, Texas

A church member suggested that I invite Diane to come and teach a class on her book of Ruth. As a pastor, I am careful about who and what gets taught in our church. I am so glad that I was convinced to invite her to share what God has been teaching her for over 10 years. It was one of the most remarkable series I have ever been through. Every Christian needs to hear the remarkable truths revealed in this study. I wholeheartedly recommend Diane to any church wanting to have mysteries revealed and hearts changed toward the people of Israel.

Chuck Kitchens
La Belle Haven Baptist Church
Memphis, Tennessee

Ruth 3,000 Years of Sleeping Prophecy Awakened has awakened and humbled me as a Christian. What a Love story this book is? I Love the way God used the Jewish scribes to perfectly write, preserve and share the Holy Scriptures with the whole World out of Love. What a blessing from God through His chosen people, the Jews.

And, through your Jewish friends teaching you about Naomi (Israel), Ruth (the gentile) and each of the other characters, God has chosen you to write this evangelistic masterpiece.

After reading your book twice and having you teach an in-depth Bible study at our church on this beautiful, important Love story, this gentile Christian man now knows the importance of Jewish Christian relations, and have a renewed Love and Appreciation for Israel and all Jewish people.

Don Russell, Jr.
La Belle Haven Baptist Church
Memphis, Tennessee

Being a teacher of a small group of women, I’m constantly looking for new material to use for studies. That was the case last summer. I had inquired of the Lord, looking for direction, and heard nothing from Him, so I chose a light, fluffy little study that I thought would edify us in Jesus. Then, through a set of circumstances, God put into my hand a study called, “Ruth 3,000 Years of Sleeping Prophecy Awakened.” I did not know the author, had never even heard of her, but the Holy Spirit had me to know that this was the study I was to facilitate and that He would teach it.
In the interest of being succinct, let me just say: In this study God downloaded into twelve women, including me, His heart for Israel, and our connection to them. We spent hours studying and chewing on this, and as many hours on our faces praying for Israel. We realized that Ruth is the image of the Church coming back alive to her covenant with Israel. This study led three of us to travel to Israel to identify with God’s love for The Land.
Thank you, Diane McNeil, for your obedience to God’s voice in writing all this down, and I pray that everyone who participates in this Holy Spirit led study will receive the “Ruth Revelation.”

Suzanne Young
Columbia, TN

This book is a must for Christians seeking understanding about their Jewish roots and wondering why Jewish customs have meaning for Christians today. The 12-part section, “Did You Know?” at the back of the book, is invaluable for understanding biblical Judaism and giving Christians appreciation for their Jewish Messiah’s culture. The Book of Ruth is presented as historical fact, but its underlying prophetic message is examined verse by verse with startling insights. The purpose of the book is to encourage unity of Christians and Jews, which will be the ultimate reality when the “natural branches” are grafted back into “their own olive tree” (Romans 11:24).

Nancy Petrey
Pastor’s Wife

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Diane’s book on Ruth has given me a love for the Jewish people. As a result I am involved in a weekly prayer group that prays for Israel. My grandchildren and I have also started a ministry at the Jewish rest home. As you read this God-inspired book, I pray that God will also create in you a deep love for His chosen people.

Anne Slater
Germantown, Tennessee

Before reading this book, I thought of the biblical account of Ruth as a nice “Cinderella” type story of a young woman’s journey from rags to riches in a biblical setting. When the story is unveiled as Diane McNeil has done in Ruth 3,000 Years of Sleeping Prophecy Awakened, it is truly an awesome demonstration of God’s love, mercy and plan for mankind. This book will always be one of the treasures in my library.

Marilyn Gillespie
Memphis, Tennessee

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed and appreciated the grace and gifts God put in you to bless His body. Your intelligence, organization, honesty, humor, your ability to quickly pick up on what others are saying and give a quick response, your patience to all, your exuberant abundant joy were and are all refreshing. Thank you for allowing me to come to your class. I was and am immensely blessed.

Lenora Runge
Memphis, Tennessee

 At a planning meeting with the ladies of the church, I was asked what I had studied and would like to recommend. I mentioned just finishing Ruth and how it applies to all walks of life, and the next thing I know, I’m getting to teach it. As I was preparing for this study, I was touched to the core on the famine aspect. I was so quick to judge God’s people ­ all they had to do was love him wholeheartedly, obey His commands, and He would provide them everything they needed. As soon as I judged their actions, God immediately revealed a “famine” in my life, and how I was doing exactly what I had judged them for. I hadn’t even noticed how dry and thirsty I was from the famine I had been walking in. I couldn’t wait to share this with the ladies of my church during the Ruth study. There is so much I want to share from this book, so I cherish your prayers. Thank you for your prayers and for the years you put into the book.

Joanna Salley
Missionary, Costa Rica

 I’m going through Ruth once again and learning so much. I know my mind is getting slow retaining material now. What a blessing it is to me. You have done such a masterpiece of “Ruth.” As I study I sometimes feel like you are writing for me. The Lord must smile on you for doing such a wonderful thing as “Ruth.” Thanks for the blessings it has added to my life.

Lou Walls
Germantown, Tennessee

I would just like you to know what a blessing your book “Ruth” has been to me. I am journaling and would like to know if I have permission to quote from your book into my journal as I go along. Be blessed and praying for you. My mother-in-law read your book and shortly you will be hearing from her.

Carol Kirbilie

Thank you so much for sending the book. What a blessing. As I was studying on the Holy Days “Day of Atonement,” God dropped such a love for the Jews in my heart. My Spirit is calling for more, more. I told a friend about it, and she said, “I have just the book for you.” I feel so close to God’s chosen people now. I hunger for more information. Thank you for starting me on my way.

LaNita Armstrong

Hi Diane — I am going to impose on you one more time. I would not do it were it not for a friend of mine who is a missionary in Thailand. She has spent the last few days with me and I told her of your book. She read a little of mine and wants to get a copy. I cannot tell you how excited she was. I explained to her your love for Jewish people, and she had no idea about any of it. I cannot tell you how I have enjoyed the book. What a precious thing the Lord has given to you. Scripture says that He confides in those who fear Him. I love that. I believe He has confided in you …

Lea Winstead

I really enjoyed your book on Ruth. It opened my mind to some new ideas that I had never considered and that is good. You know I love prophecy as much as you do and found your thoughts in Ruth very interesting. My sister is leading a Bible Study on the women of the Bible, and I thought your book would be great for her to read before she does Ruth. I thought of sending her my copy but decided she needed one of her own …

Sharon Sander

Diane, I just have to tell you I have not read any work so encompassing regarding God’s past, present and future plan for this world and His people than your book of Ruth. I really do stand in wonderment that God not only allowed me to read it but allowed me to “understand” it!!!! Thank you again, dear friend, for being so obedient in pursuing God’s agenda. How great is His goodness.

Pat Mielke
North Carolina

Your material is wonderful, and even though some of it is what I had, there are some new aspects that I have greatly appreciated even more. I love your perspective of the Book of Ruth. Thank you for being obedient in writing it! May God bless you richly and may your ministry increase and increase for Him and for His glory.

Judith Moore

It’s 6:30 A.M.., and I’ve been awake over 3 hours. After a time of communing and petitions before the Lord and intercession, I was finally given liberty to begin to delve into your prophetic book on Ruth. I know this timing is significant and God knows all. As I sit here continuing to feast on all you’ve been shown, much is coming to me about my own destiny and end time events. Thanks for obeying the leading of the Spirit to finish this work.
(2nd correspondence) So often I think of you and your prophetic insight ­ seeing the One New Man that Jesus wants us all to see. As I sat next to a lady named Ruth last night, your teaching was re-energized in my heart. The whole world needs to hear ­ don’t be silent, for Zion’s sake!

Debra Barnes
Paducah, Kentucky

I thank you so much for the book of “Ruth” and “Study Guide” with your autograph. It is such a blessing to me and other believers to be deepened in God’s abundant love to mankind and us (Gentiles).

Meo Chinkosum

Thank you so much for the book of Ruth. I got a complete education on the book. I don’t think many people get the true meaning. Thank you for writing it and I know it was of the Lord and many people will get a new outlook on Ruth.

Ruth Overton
Memphis, Tennessee

Thanks hardly seems sufficient . . . what a joy this study has been. We have such thankful hearts for your generosity in giving us these wonderful books. Loved hearing your voice on the phone, too, and the answers to some questions! Thank you for your prayer support and encouragement. Shalom, “que Dios la bendiga.”

Marta Hendrickson
Missionary, Costa Rico

This book is a really exciting and insightful study of Ruth. I love the allegorical perspective ­ I never would have looked at the characters in Ruth this way on my own.

Dana G. Pace

The Ruth class actually took us back to the time, or the actual second, where I could visualize as if I were there watching Ruth gleaning behind the harvesters in the fields, or sneaking in to lie down at Boaz’s feet on the threshing floor. I could hear Boaz speaking the command to “let her be” or “look after her and allow her to glean amongst my girls.” Actually, “waste more than you normally would on her.” I think the visualization is what made the class so impacting. May God continue to bless you.

Pat Brown
Memphis, Tennessee

The providence of God is always absolutely amazing, as is our God!
A few months ago, I was coming into my office when I heard a “yell” from across the street. Looking up, I saw a dear friend holding up a book with excitement. She came into the office just ecstatic and showed me a book she had found at a book store in Millington, Tennessee. Its title was “Ruth, 3,000 Years of Sleeping Prophecy Awakened,” by Diane A. McNeil.
She gave me the book, and her jubilation over her new-found knowledge of Ruth enticed me to get into the book immediately.
I had never read anything like this book in years of studying the Word of God.
Upon completion of reading the book, I gave it to a close friend, Lisa Hendren, to read, and she, too, was astounded. She remarked that her grandmother, Mrs. Geneva Crihfield, had a close relative named Kathryn Bowers that lived in Memphis, of whom Diane had mentioned as being such an inspiration to her with the book. Upon investigation, she proved to be the “same” person. After several telephone calls, we invited Diane and her friend, Kathryn, to come speak to us at First Baptist Church, Ripley, Tennessee.
Our friend, Theresa Pennington (who had given me the book), was from another church, and she also helped us invite several churches. Theresa said, “We need to invite the whole world.” We missed a few countries but had a wonderful morning of worship, study and praise.
If you have not had this anointed lady to visit your church or women’s ministry, you have missed a “Holy Spirit Bath,” and I pray you will contact her soon.

In Him Alone,
Maurine Childress
Ripley, TN

I was privileged to read a copy of Ruth before it was even published, and at that time I had an overwhelming desire to share it with anyone who would listen. It prompted me to learn everything I could about Jewish customs and God’s relationship with Israel ­ the Christian’s Jewish roots. Our Lord is Jewish! His Name in Hebrew is Yeshua HaMashiach ­ Jesus the Messiah.
When I began to study Scripture through Jewish eyes, everything became so real and alive. I understood things that were a mystery before. I have heard it said that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed, but, friends, we need to read and understand both in order to get the most out of it. They go together as one Book.
I believe you will find this little book so exciting and fascinating that you can’t wait for the next lesson. Read and enjoy!

Sandra Webb
Moscow, Tennessee